Chatterbabies classes offer a fun, fresh way to help your child learn to talk. Using research and evidence based approaches from the field of Speech and Language Therapy, activities are designed to develop all aspects of your baby’s communication, while the class facilitator explains how and why these approaches work. For parents who choose to sign with their baby, baby signing is used throughout the sessions, with a few key signs taught each week.

Classes are run according to age, with customised activities based on the skills that babies are typically developing at each age.  Sessions also provide parents with information on:
– What skills your baby is developing at their current age
– What skills are likely to come next
– How babies go about the enormous task of learning a language
– How parents can help develop their communication at home, through play and everyday activities.
Classes are available for babies from 3 months to 1 year (more classes for older babies to follow soon). Classes can be booked in half- term blocks of five sessions, with each session lasting 45 minutes, with a 15 minute free play session at the end to meet other parents and ask any questions. Your first, trial session is FREE! We currently run sessions in South Oxford.

Unlock your baby’s potential, and get Chattering!